NBA 2K23 MyTEAM - What is the Exhibition, and How to Get Expedition Rewards?

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This year, 2K has introduced Exhibitions, which is similar to the card grading system to let you send players around the world to receive rewards such as MT 2K23. The following guide will run you through what Exhibitions are, how to access them, and some tips to make the best use of them in NBA 2K23.


NBA 2K23 MyTEAM - What is the Exhibition, and How to Get Expedition Rewards?

NBA 2K23 Exhibitions Explained

It is similar to the card grading system from the last game. In Exhibitions, you can send any of your MyTeam players to play games around the world and win prizes.

How to access Exhibitions in NBA 2K23?

First things first, you need to navigate the menus. You can find Exhibitions in the MyTeam tab using L1/R1 on PlayStation and LB/RB on the Xbox family of systems. Once you enter the menu, you'll see the list of available missions there with a ticking clock. You have that much time remaining to find some players for those missions. Failure to send them in the allotted time will see the mission expire.

Missions and rewards

Each mission will have a different requirement, and you can see the color of the reward tier in the corner. Bronze is the lowest, and orange is the highest tier. The current orange tier mission will grant you a 2K Day Promo pack, but it takes four real-world days to finish. Thankfully, you only need to send one player away. So pick your lowest-rated player and send him away. These other missions only last four hours, and you can have multiple missions running at the same time.

These missions don't refresh. Once they are finished, nothing else is put in their place.

Potential Exhibition Locations

Here are the other locations included so far:

    San Francisco, USA
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Paris, France
    North Pole

The Exhibition Locations might also update with each NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Season, so keep that in mind over the next six weeks.

Exhibitions tips to maximize rewards

There are some key points to keep in mind before you start using the Exhibition:

1). Some missions are worth more rewards while others are worth less. Focus on the former (gold) missions instead of wasting your player cards on the latter (bronze) ones.

2). Never send all of your best. Always have a balanced team. That way, you can improve your winning chances for multiple Exhibitions.

3). Once you select a card to be sent, you cannot use that card for MyTeam till it comes back. Hence, send out the ones you do not use often.

4). The time varies between each mission, with Golden ranked missions taking twice as long to complete as others. That is something to consider when sending player cards on gold missions.

5). Exhibitions are tied to the season. Once you complete a mission, no new mission will replace it until the season ends.

6). We recommend finishing exhibitions before you stop playing to maximize your downtime.

That's all there is to know about Exhibitions in NBA 2K23. If you like NBA 2K23 other guides, you can click here.

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