Lost Ark: The complete guide to world boss locations

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Lost Ark World Boss Locations

World Bosses are gigantic monsters that appear from time to time in Middle-earth. They've got a lot of hit points and potent abilities, so they cannot be defeated alone and require the presence of many people to defeat them.



The battles against these monsters are very long, and after a while, they enter a state of "rage," which increases their attack power and makes it even more challenging to capture them. You will have to defeat them as soon as possible.

They allow you to collect very high-level legendary Lost Ark items (orange grade with item level up to 500+), so don't hesitate to rush to them when you see the message of them appearing.


You can watch them appear on the in-game calendar, but where can you find them? Here is the list of these with their appearance and the associated rewards.

Keep in mind that all of this was translated from Korean, so bosses' names, locations, and some descriptions are uncertain. I will fix all this when we have access to an international version of the game.


The equipment is different depending on the class played. You can also see all the rewards that can be obtained for your class with the "Alt + G" shortcut in-game. Also, please note that the examples of tips correspond to those of a Warlord.





Proxhima is a plant-type monster that appears in the Bernyl Forest (North Bern), located north of the continent of the same name.

  • Recommended Item Level: 315
  • Level of items collected: 320


Location of Proxhima



Equipment Recoverable on Proxhima



Floor Large

Sol Grande is a mechanical monster that spawns on Alteisen Island (south of Arthetine).


His hit points are over 300 million, and he attacks with a charge and a fire breath. He can also become invincible for a while.

  • Recommended Item Level: 345
  • Level of items collected: 350


Location of Sol Grande



Equipment recoverable on sol grande




Tarsila is a monster that appears in the Lake of Stalled Time region (Shushire).

It is advisable to attack only her because other spiders will join the fight if you destroy the eggs near her. You have 30 minutes before his rage state.


You have a chance to get rare mounts from her: "Rampage of the Ambush" and "Blue Strike Raptor".

  • Recommended Item Level: 375
  • Item Level Collected: 380


location of tarsila



equipment salvageable from tarsila




Briaros is a monster that appears on the Island of Ice and Fire (West Shushire). Since it is a dual-element enemy, it hits you with fire and ice attacks. Please note that it is possible to dodge his attacks by standing behind his back at the right time. You have 40 minutes before his rage summer.

  • Recommended Item Level: 400
  • Item Level Collected: 405


location of briaros



equipment recoverable on briaros




The signature is a mechanical monster spawns in the Cracked Grounds (Arthetine) region.


He has more than 400 million health points and attacks with a ray of fire and creates inflamed areas on the ground, be careful to position yourself well.

  • Recommended Item Level: 425
  • Item Level Collected: 430


Signatus location



equipment recoverable on signatus



Mixed Chuo

This is a more powerful variant of "Chuo, " a demon-like beast with a lion figure. He can be encountered in the Forest of Sound (Anihc) near the Fountain of Resonance.


Be vigilant as he launches powerful attacks on the ground that will kill you instantly if you don't have enough gear. He also sends 180° strikes and has over 800 million health points.

  • Recommended Item Level: 480
  • Item Level Collected: 485


location of mixed chuo



equipment recoverable on mixed chuo





This monster you can encounter in Death Valley, which only opens at 10 p.m.

  • Recommended Item Level: 515
  • Level of items collected: 520


location of Apolas



equipment recoverable on Apolas


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