HUT 21 players trade is safer and easier to do.this is step of how it works

NHL 21 Date: Dec/09/20 02:14:01 Views: 2260

1. Choose HUT 21 Players option in our site and choose correct platform.
2. Search the lowest buynow price for the player card you want in the auction house of the game. Please attend that the remaining time should be more than 1 hour.

3. Input the name of player card in the option of the player card you want on our site. Please pay attention to the OVR rating. then click exchange.

4. Please input the lowest buynow prices which dispay in the aution house in the option of Buynow prices, and pay for order.

5. Sell any cards in the acution market of the game. Please attend that you need to set special start price and buynow prices, and list the cards to 3 days. Then input the right information of the trading player cards in the option of My trading player card on our site.

6. After we send you trading request, the number of trade offer will change.

7. Now you click the option of view the offer, you will see that we aresening you trade request to deliver you the player cards you want.

8. Please click Accept offer.

9. Now the player cards are yours.

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