How to Make Coins During a FIFA 22 Cycle

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How to Make Coins During a FIFA 22 Cycle


Club stocking is a very underrated method on how to make coins during a FIFA 22 Cycle. Basically, it means you put a variety of Consumables and cards in your club when they are low in price (favorably near discard), and you sell them when they become inflamed for various reasons. That's about it. It's a straightforward and passive method on how to make FIFA 22 coins. The only thing you need to know is what and when to buy so we will explain to you which cards you should be focusing on.


Let's get the obvious one out of the way, but also the biggest moneymaker. Every week on Wednesday, starting by the first week of FIFA, EA will release a Team of the Week (a promo team based on the best real-life performances of that week). These cards have a lot of supply, especially the lower-rated ones worth discard (close to 10K coins) because they aren't suited to be played in-game. If you buy just one of them each week and stock it in your club, you have the potential to make millions with these. Throughout the FIFA cycle, IFs will be required in SBCs, and the Ifs, you club stock, will continuously rise throughout the cycle cause their supply will thin out on the market. It's such a safe investment causes you can't lose FIFA 22 coins as you are buying at discard, but the potential is incredible.


Consumables and Golds


I'd focus primarily on Position Changes and Chemistry styles. The rewards system has changed quite a bit in FIFA 22, there won't be a set date for WL Rewards anymore, but there will be for Squad Battle rewards. So, SB rewards will be the only day in the week where we are going to have a lot of supply from 15/35k/55K packs, etc., which gives out a lot of Consumables. This wi1l be their low point of the week, and these cards have a lot of demand at the start of the game. They go up with high chem SBCs where Position Changes are beneficial. Now I wouldn't go crazy with them, but flipping these cards will make you a decent profit throughout the week as you can stock an infinite amount in the club.


If FIFA 22 is anything like FIFA 21, the club stocking Gold Rares and Nonrare will also be a big moneymaker but more when we are a few weeks in the game cycle. These have 3 reasons to go up in price:


- League SBCS / Daily SBCs / Upgrade packs


Daily SBCs and upgrade packs will mainly be dropped during promos so that they will be very scarce at the start, but throughout the cycle, you can get in a nice rhythm of club stocking them before a promo and then sell them during the promo when Upgrades are out. Unlike the other cards, you can club stock these cards and sel1 much more often, but you are looking at a lower ROI here!


Bronzes and Silvers


So Club stocking Silver and Bronzes can be done 2 different ways, and with both of them, it's in combination with League SBCs. Here is a list of every League that got a League SBC in FIFA 21 for context.


Premier League

Ligue 1


Efl championship

Super Lig

Seria A

La Liga

C. Libertadores

Saudi League




C. Sudamericana

Pro League



1. You either research every League and team for shortages for cards on a specific position and buy them (these are the cards you'll make the most profit on). For example, if you take the Chelsea team and see that they have 4 options on every position but just 1 Left Wing and 1 CB, you buy those cause there will be much more demand for these cards when the League SBC drop.


2. If you are lazy and have many FIFA 22 coins, you can club stock every silver and Bronze from these Leagues that are discarded or near discard. If the league SBC drops, you'll still make tons of FIFA 22 coins, but the Return on investment will be much 1ower. This has one advantage, though. As you buy much more players, there will be certain daily SBCs in Promos that will make some of your cards rise.

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