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Buy Hut 22 Players

How to Buy & Trade

The coin buying process is easy and simple:


(1) List a player on the auction house that you'll hardly need and that's not an untradeable.
(2) You'll need to define a Buy Now price equal to the amount of coins you're buying, plus a Current Bid preferably close to it with a 24 hours duration.
(3) Go to our website where you should select your platform (PS4, Xbox one, PC, PS5) and let us know the amount of coins you want, then click the Buy Now button.
(4) Give us the information requested, includes the information of the player you're auctioning. Perform the payment in one of the available methods.
(5) Finally, we transfer the Coins to your account. 


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*All transactions in the MUT 21 auction house are subjected to a 10% tax because of EA. That means if you sell a player for 100,000 Coins, you'll get 90,000.


When can I receive my MUT 21 Coins?

If the information you offered is correct, your coins will be delivered to your account within a 2 hours period after the payment, yet sometimes the transfer is made in just a few minutes. If you have any questions, be free to contact our chat operators who are online 24/7 all the time to give professional answers and resolution.

Why Choose US

  • We offer the UT Coins at the most reasonable price and guarantee that the service and the UT Coins you get are both the best!

  • We all understand the significance of fast delivery and our well-trained staff will strive to get your UT Coins orders done as soon as possible.

  • Our Payment method is 100% safe, and we take full responsibility for that, we are quite experienced in the business, and we also can ensure that every order would be processed smoothly and efficiently.

  • In the process of purchasing, if we cannot process the customer's order on time, then a refund will be granted. The refund will be issued immediately. And customers will get their money back soon.

Jamie (May,03/23)
5 / 5

300K Madden 21 Coins

Fast service, person who helped is very nice.

Customer (Jan,27/23)
5 / 5

300K Madden 21 Coins

Very nice and fast service, will buy again soon! :)

Joe (Jan,03/23)
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Customer (Jan,01/23)
2 / 5

700K Madden 21 Coins

Thanks fastutcoins Power leveling My Acount,I will Back buy your Gold!:)

Customer (Dec,22/22)
5 / 5

700K Madden 21 Coins

Ordered 100m gold farmin from these guys, cost me $117.-- and i get a free 10m, so far its goin really well, i have about 2 days remainning and the order will be done. I have ordered from fastutcoins before with an order of 15m gold farmin, and I really gotta say this time was a lot better, the time ratio this time is actually a lot shorter than it was last time for even more gold, thumbs up USFINE. Also last time i ordered 15m, they got my mining from 56-67 from an ess mining method, this time idk the method except that they are using combat, and they have gotten me 1 str level (86-87) and so far 14 attack levels (75-89) this is very much appreciated ^.^. (this is for runescape for those of you who havent figured that out lol)

Customer (Nov,02/22)
5 / 5

200K Madden 21 Coins

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How to Buy Madden 21 Coins

If the information you offered is correct, your coins will be delivered to your account within a 2 hours period after the payment, yet sometimes the transfer is made in just a few minutes.

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